Nurturing the Young Child’s Natural Curiosity: An Interactive Keynote Presentation

on April 9, 2013 in Presentation Reflections

I have a series of interactive keynote topics I present at the early childhood level, all of the topics are important, timely, and engage the audience. However, one of my favorite interactive keynote addresses I present addresses the importance of nurturing and cultivating the young child’s natural curiosity, and how to use the natural world around to do just that. Teachers expand upon their knowledge by attending professional staff development sessions, educational conferences and the like. But in the end if children’s in-born natural curiosity is not kept alive all is lost. Likewise, teachers themselves need to be curious. The photos below are from a recent interactive keynote address I delivered to 180 early childhood teachers. Throughout the one hour interactive keynote address participants were actively engaged in exploring specimens from nature and the physical world to heighten their own sense of curiosity. Participants were frequently asked to share their own personal reflections as to why the innate curiosity of young children is often stifled, and what educators can do in their classrooms to assure that the young child’s natural curiosity and sense of wonder continues to flourish. Upon the conclusion of the keynote, I conducted two hands-on-minds-on teacher training sessions. The morning break-out session introduced teachers to math and science explorations to stimulate the young child’s natural curiosity. The afternoon session focused on implementing hands-on, minds-on science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) explorations¬†in the early childhood classroom. It was a wonderful conference, and I’m¬†grateful to the organizers of the Keefe-Bruyette Symposium for their time and efforts in organizing the event. The photos below are from the interactive keynote presentation, and from the morning and afternoon teacher training break-out sessions I conducted.

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